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Green Acres Business Systems, LTD


Welcome to Green Acres Business Systems, Ltd.

Welcome to Green Acres Business Systems Ltd (GABS), Nigeria, Where "We Build your Dream and make it a reality..."

Green Acres Business Systems (GABS) Ltd (NIGERIA) originated from Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA as a diversified business company  in Community Development, Public Private Partnerships,  with  special interests in structuring  Joint Venture and Equity Funding for Government and Private Capital Projects in  Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Deep Seaports, Pipelines and Major Infrastructures.


JOINT VENTURE & EQUITY FUNDING: Our Joint Venture and Equity Funding for Government and Private Capital Project solutions provides funding assistance to governments, private projects and business ventures worldwide. Funding assistance in major industries that require $Billion Dollar budgets such as Crude Oil infrastructures, Oil Refineries, Deep Seaports and Power Plants. Our Partner Funder has extensive financial capacity and as such, will fund, build and operate and transfer (BOT) depending on the Joint Venture Partnership.


HOUSING SOLUTIONS: Our housing solutions ranges from acquisition of acreage or hectares of landed properties working with Land Owners, Private or Government Cooperatives, and Governmental Agencies in joint ventures for cost-effective mass housing development.  Our real estate goal is to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction with quality cost effective and cost saving techniques.




Our goal is to use our competence to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction. Green Acres Business Systems, Ltd is a Nigerian International Real Estate, Property Development, Management and Investments Consortium, founded in September 2014. The company was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, with the objective of developing and creating a community of value with highest quality of standards.

Green Acres is an emerging leader in both Nigeria and USA real estate industry, our competitive edge is our service delivery style, as well as our team of seasoned professionals united by a firm resolve to deliver.


Our expertise also covers international property collaboration with foreign partners for development processes, funding, brokerage, negotiating, structuring joint venture investments, property development, and project management. 


Our Promise is to be a relationship driven firm that transcend across the continent and bring together investors, home owners, governments and the workers. We are here for the long haul, and resolute to ensuring that our developments and structures are of the highest quality and meet international standards.

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